Get Rid of Moles Safely and Protect Your Pets

I’ve been trying for years to get rid of moles safely. Then last week my pet sitter told me what happened to a client’s puppy. The puppy’s owner placed Poison Peanuts deep into a mole run and the pup managed to dig up the peanut and ate it. The pup’s owners were just trying to rid their lawn of moles. Unfortunately, they used the wrong method.

Get rid of moles safely

Poison Peanuts have traditionally been used to rid a lawn of moles. Image credit: G Gamble


This poor pup that my pet sitter told me about managed to get to the vet on time, but what if he hadn’t?  The pet owners were certain the pup couldn’t reach the poison, but he did. I lost a cat when I was young because he ate a dead mouse that had been poisoned. Poisons just aren’t safe!

I’ve been battling moles for years but haven’t put Poison Peanuts in the runs because I know my dogs will dig them up. I won’t take the chance on losing one of my dogs. Since poison seemed to be my only option I just gave up because I wanted to get rid of the moles safely.

Get rid of moles safely

Moles can do a lot of damage to a yard. Image credit: Kate Jewell

This year I did some online research to find how to get rid of moles safely. I wanted to find something that I could treat the yard with that wasn’t poisonous to pets or the environment. On one site a woman wrote that she used flea and tick shampoo to treat her yard. Another one said to put human hair in the mole runs. I have too many mole runs to do that!

CASTOR OIL JUST MAY BE THE SILVER BULLET to get rid of moles safely

Then I discovered that castor oil is safe to use around pets. The particular brand of castor oil I used is Baar’s MolEvict Lawn Mole Castor Oil. I read the instructions and thought that this is something I could do.

get rid of moles safely

The combination of unscented dish liquid and castor oil can be safely used to treat a lawn for moles. Image credit: G Gamble

If you want to try this, take one of your old fertilizer containers with the screw top and hose attachment. Put one cup of castor oil and one cup of unscented dish liquid in the container. Some people add cayenne pepper to this mixture but I didn’t. Screw the lid on and turn on the hose. The water from the hose will pull the mixture from the container and spray it out into the yard. Spray the yard just enough to see that it’s wet. There is no need to saturate the yard. The liquid will go down into the soil. A 32-ounce bottle of MolEvict treats 5,000 square feet of yard. I have a half-acre so I had to buy a gallon. I discovered that I can win the battle with the moles for the yard without hurting or killing my pets.


You don’t have to completely give up on having a nice yard just to keep your pet safe. There are organic and pet safe products that will get rid of moles safely and you won’t have to worry about your beloved pets. Each year thousands of pets die from ingesting some sort of toxin. Whether it be spilled antifreeze, sugarless gum, or rat poison, this needs to be addressed.  We need be sure to read labels, do research and use environmental and pet-friendly products.


  1. I am amazed at the life hacks people come up with that actually work. We have not had a mole problem, as of yet, although we do have squirrels in our attic. They come through the walls and chew anything in site. I was given poison but I don’t want to kill them just chase them away. Also my adult son has a cat that roams the house.

  2. This is good to know! We have a major mole problem, but our dog loves to dig and so does our son so we have never even tried to use anything because we have been worried one of them would get into it. We will have to give this a try.

  3. Great information! I do not use poison to get rid of pests in my house (in and around the house) because i have a dog that loves chasing mice. I will have to try that castor oil trick in the yard. Looks like it will work wonders.

  4. I don’t live in an area that gets moles, so I had no idea how destructive they could be. That lawn is destroyed! I can understand now why you’d want to get rid of them. Thankfully there’s a way to do that safely.

  5. We don’t have that problem where I live (thankfully!). I will have to give my cousin a call. She may be having this problem and I will let her know about this hack. This would be a better way to get rid of moles and not put her beautiful dogs at risk.

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