Free to Good Home Ads – Yes or No

Most of us would rather live on the street than give up our animals. Sometimes bad circumstances can lead us to give up our beloved pet. One thing I strongly advise against doing is putting a Free to Good Home ad in the paper or on Craigslist. What everyone should know is that Free to Good Home ads will attract undesirable people.

Free to Good Home

Many of us would rather be homeless than give up our pets. Image credit: SaraVaccari

Free to Good Home Ads – Yes or No

Sadly, there are sick, dark individuals in this world that prey on the defenseless. People who answer these Free to Good Home ads scare me. The old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” applies in this circumstance. Someone who wears nice clothes, or drives a nice car, may not be the type of person they appear to be. Stop and think about Ted Bundy. He was so nice and good-looking, and look what he did. Animal abusers are the same.


Many dogs and cats obtained through Free to Good Home ads end up being used for dogfight baiting or sold to a laboratory for barbaric experiments. What is most disturbing is that some of these animals might have been tortured it to death. I’m sorry to say this, but there are a lot of mean, deeply troubled, people out there.

Free to Good Home

Listing your pet on Craigslist might be convenient for you but deadly for your pet. Image credit: RachelScottYoga

There has been a campaign going on for years to stop Craigslist from allowing people to put Free to Good Home ads out there to re-home their pets. Currently, Craigslist has prohibited selling animals but will still list re-homing ads with a fee.


In 2013 one puppy from Craigslist ended up in the hands of a monster that tortured it for months, pulling its limbs out of their sockets, beating and burning the pup, and even stabbing her in the eyes.  This monster was charged with animal cruelty but currently, his trial has been put on hold until March of 2018. We hope he will be severely punished.  As for the pup, named Puppy Doe, she was humanely euthanized due to the severity of her injuries and suffering.  Things like this just should not happen!

Free to Good Home

Animal abusers should be imprisoned for their horrible crimes. Sadly, many states categorize animal abuse as a misdemeanor. Image credit: TryJimmy


There are registries for animal abusers, but they are limited to a handful of states. Fortunately, in 2016 the FBI started listing animal abuse crimes the same way they list homicides. This new database will help them see a clear picture of animal cruelty as well as track abusers. This makes sense because many serial killers started out by torturing animals.

Free to Good Home

To many of us, pets are family. So giving one up is heartbreaking. Image credit: Pezibear


Re-homing a pet is heartbreaking for the family and the pet. It takes work and a little research to find a suitable home for a beloved pet, but it is well worth it.

One thing everyone should do is to get to know one or two rescue groups or shelters in your area. Look up their websites and see what donations they need, then donate some of those items to them. These simple acts put donors in a good light. This lets the rescue organization know that you truly care about the animals. If something does come up and you need to re-home your pet, one of these organizations is very likely to help you.


The rescue group I work with does courtesy listings where they put someone’s animal on the website for adoption. When the group receives an application for that animal, they forward it to the current owner of the pet to review. The owner then has the option of meeting with the applicants to see if it will be a good home or not. This is a good way to re-home a pet because the owner is making an informed decision on who gets their pet.

Free to Good Home

Dogs like Puppy Doe have no defense when placed in the wrong hands.

You can also talk to your vet to see if they can help you find a home for your pet.  They know which of their clients have lost pets or are looking for a new pet. The veterinarian also knows the level of care the animal will receive in its new home. This is a good way to re-home your pet.

If you have no connections with a rescue, shelter, or vet, your only option may be to take your pet to a no-kill shelter. There are many good no-kill shelters in the United States run by people who deeply love the animals in their care.


We need to be responsible for our pets just as we are our children. When we adopt a pet we need to realize that this is a lifelong commitment. This decision has to be thought through. The animal is not a car that we can trade off if we get tired of it.

If circumstances are beyond our control and the pet has to be re-homed, please first think of the pet’s wellbeing and safety! Never place a Free to Good Home ad, ever! Take the time to find the pet a good home!  Don’t let your pet become another Puppy Doe!


  1. I so agree with all of this. WE are not a dog family but we do have 2 cats. They are apart of our family. Rehoming can be so difficult. This is something that any one that wants to own an animal should consider.

  2. Great post! I too agree that you really need to make sure your animals will be safe and taken care of if you must rehome. Recently, we had yo do this but, I’m glad to say my sister took our cat. My daughter developed allergies so Sparkles had to be placed at my sisters home, at least we know she is in good hands.

  3. I totally agree with this. I think I would be homeless before rehoming our animals. I hate those ads. If I had to I would be doing a very close check on the person that I was rehoming to. I just can’t imagine!

  4. I hate free to a good home ad’s. Pets are part of the family and should be treated as such. You wouldn’t give your kid away in a free ad, so don’t do your pet that way. I have three fur babies and I could never do that. When I was giving my fathers dogs away after he was too old to keep them, we screened the individuals before just giving them to the first person that wanted them. Pets deserve better and have hearts and feelings just like us.

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