Can Our Dog See Ghosts? Super Senses Make it Possible.

Some dogs seem more in tune with their surroundings than others. Before my Dad died, we adopted Buffy.  As Buffy grew she became more sensitive. We noticed her looking at spaces when nothing was there. It was so strange. Can our dog see ghosts? It seemed that answer was, yes.

Can our dog see ghosts

A dog’s nose can detect scents 1,000 to 10 million times more efficiently that we can. Image credit: Pixabay


Dogs’ senses are much sharper than ours. Dogs’ vision is 20/75 while ours is 20/20 and their sense of smell is 1,000 to 10 million times more efficient than ours. Dogs can hear in a range of frequency from 67 – 45,000 Hz while we hear in a range of frequency from 64 – 23,000 Hz. With this in mind, it seems probable that if any living being could see and sense ghosts, dogs could.

Like children, dogs are open to everything around them. Although dogs are very likely able to see ghosts, some may choose to ignore them. My good friend who is a medium has the ability to tune spirits out when she needs to. It makes sense that dogs can do the same. Buffy was the only dog we’ve had that displayed behaviors that told us that she was seeing ghosts.

Can our dog see ghosts?

Our Border collie, Buffy, was sweet, loving, and extremely sensitive. She could see the spirits in our house. Image credit: G Gamble


Being a paranormal investigator I’ve experienced so many things that I can’t explain. We use night vision cameras, infrared lights, and full spectrum cameras. The evidence we catch is hard to deny. This has cemented my belief in ghosts.

Can our dog see ghosts? It’s likely with their superior senses. My Mother who lived with me after Dad died believed in ghosts as well. The “sightings” that Buffy had amused Mom and me. Mom would say that Daddy must have walked through the room. We found out later from our medium that Buffy was seeing Mom’s mother.

Can our dog see ghosts?

An apparition is caught leaning out of a doorway. The three lights are IR lights. Image credit: Dusk 2 Dawn Paranormal Investigations


Not long after we found out that Buffy was seeing my grandmother, Buffy’s behavior became really strange. We had five dogs at the time. I had three dog beds in my room, one dog slept with Mom and there was another dog bed in Dad’s room. Buffy liked to sleep in Dad’s room. Buffy would go into Dad’s room and lay down in the evening when Mom and I were watching TV. Then the barking would start. Buffy was barking at something in Dad’s room. It wasn’t a play bark or a “let me in the house” bark, it was a scary bark. I would usually go into Dad’s room and ask Buffy what was going on. She would look at me then stare at the corner and start barking again.  So I set up a night vision camera and got some photos of her barking at nothing.

Can our dog see ghosts?

Buffy would bark at the corner of Dad’s room. There was nothing there! Image credit: G Gamble (from a night vision camera)

A few weeks later Mom and I asked our medium to come over again. We were hoping we could find out what was going on with Buffy. Through this communication, we found out that Buffy was barking at my Dad. We also found out that there was unfinished business between my Dad and Mom. Once that “business” was taken care of we ended the session. From then on Buffy didn’t bark at the corner of Dad’s room.


I’m not the only one that has experienced their dog seeing ghosts. Many other people have reported their dog watching something that wasn’t there or barking at something that the humans can’t see. The fact that dogs’ senses are so much better than ours gives them the advantage to detect things that we cannot. Empaths and mediums tell us that we all have the ability to sense ghosts but humans choose not to see them. Dogs retain that childlike innocence that leaves them open to anything that comes near. Can our dog see ghosts?  I’d say the answer is yes.



    • Yes, it would! I only have two dogs now, sadly we lost Buffy to cancer, but our lab knows when storms are coming. She’s terrified of thunder and wants to get in my lap, all 88 pounds of her. lol

  1. Honestly I think animals can totally pick up on so much more than humans. I am not sure about ghosts but it wouldnt surprise me. It would be really great if the animals could tell us what they see, feel and hear!!

  2. Growing up, we were always taught that this is true. This was such an interesting read. It can, in fact, be possible. We had a German Sheperd and Doberman mix and he barked all the time at things we couldn’t quite see. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thank you! I didn’t think much about any of our dogs helping out on paranormal investigations then Buffy started watching things that weren’t there. We took her up to a 1849 schoolhouse to see if she detected anything. She just shut down and wanted out of there. I didn’t take her again. I think it was too much for her.

  3. I’m not sure I believe this about the ghosts. However, my dog did scare me one time. She was barking as she stared into the dark bathroom adjacent to my bedroom. I was so scared, I wasn’t sure what she was seeing.

  4. I don’t know about dogs, but I swear my cat can. She will often stare at something on the wall and there will be nothing there. Scares me every time!

  5. I’m going to be paying closer attention to what my dog is looking at from now on. Dogs really do have incredibly superior senses, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they are seeing something we don’t see. I think it is neat and comforting that the medium said the dog was seeing your father.

  6. This is an interesting post. It’s been proven that dogs can sense so much more than humans in regards to cancer, cadavers, and so much more. I’m not sure what I think about them sensing ghosts. It’s an interesting concept.

  7. I totally believe this to be true! I remember when we brought our first dog home she would run around the coffee table barking at one particular corner of the room…it was SO bizarre! There were no shadows, no reflection from the TV…just that ONE spot!

    • Exactly, that is what Buffy was doing in Dad’s room. If you ever think there is a spirit in your house again just tell them in a stern manner that “This is my home and you need to leave!”

  8. Ooh! I wish I had not read this! I freak out so easily and I’d like to sometimes think they aren’t real! Kids and animals don’t know how to lie so if Buffy is showing behavior like this then maybe it’s time to listen?

    • Oh Karlyn, please don’t be alarmed. My experience as a paranormal investigator has shown me that 99% of spirits are friendly, many are just lost and need to cross over. We always knew that Buffy was special.

  9. At rental house we stayed at for a few month I could have sworn my dog was seeing ghosts the way she would just sit and stare at things! Cool story you have there!

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