April Showers Bring Puppies and Kittens

When I was a child there was a saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” Since I’ve worked in animal rescue the saying is more like: “April showers bring floods of puppies and kittens”. Kittens especially seem to out populate the pups. Not spaying or neutering your pet produces a deluge of puppies and kittens that join an enormous number of existing homeless animals. Shelters and rescue groups scramble to save as many animals as they can. Sometimes we feel like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke.  It is overwhelming!

Numerous puppies and kittens end up in shelters at the age of six months. Most of these animals were gifts, and once they grew big, they were no longer wanted. Sadly many of these animals are euthanized.

There is a solution to this problem, and it involves you!

spay and neuter

Momma cat with kittens. Image credit: Animals Best Friends








There are many health benefits of spaying or neutering your animal. Female dogs and cats have a greater chance of getting urinary tract infections and mammary cancer if they aren’t spayed. The ASPCA recommends spaying your female pet before it goes into its first heat. Male dogs and cats are more likely to be aggressive or get testicular cancer when they are not neutered. A male cat that is neutered won’t be spraying and marking your furniture. Most animals that are spayed or neutered won’t roam either. A simple operation does so much!


Some people think that spaying or neutering their animal will slow it down. This is a myth!  Altered dogs and cats do not become lazy and fat. Animals follow their owners lead. A sedentary owner will usually have sedentary pets. An active owner will have active pets. Diet and exercise dictate which animals are fat, not whether they are spayed or neutered.

Female cats and dogs do not have to have one litter before they are spayed! If you’re so determined to show your children the miracle of birth go to YouTube and search “birth of puppies or birth of kittens.” Show your children the video and save some lives. Cats and dogs who have never procreated live long healthy lives!


The prevention of unwanted litters is the positive result of altering your animals. Why this seems to be so difficult for people is unknown. Spay and neuter groups have done everything from offering discounts on surgeries to going door to door talking to pet owners. Still people just don’t get it. If the problem is money do a search of local shelters and rescue groups. There is usually some group or business that does spays and neuters at a discounted amount.

Spaying or neutering your pet is extremely beneficial. The health benefits and lives saved makes life so much easier for pets and their owners. Dealing with heat cycles in females and having males camping on the front lawn causes stress in both owners and animals. Female cats will walk the floor and howl driving an owner mad. Managing aggression in males is not only stressful but difficult.

Once a dog bites someone they have a record. This one bite no matter how small can lead to dire consequences. An owner can be sued! It marks the animal for life. In some circumstances the animal will be taken away until it is proven not to have rabies. The worst case scenario is that the animal is euthanized.

Please alter your animals if you have not done so. If you need financial help call one your local vets or a local rescue group that helps fund spays and neuters. There is no real excuse not to have your pet spayed or neutered.

We need spring showers to survive. We don’t need it to rain puppies and kittens. It is important to save lives by altering our animals. The resources are there; there is no reason not to spay or neuter your pet. Please spread the word and stop the flood!







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