Affordable Medical Care For Pets – Is it Available?

If you watch Animal Planet, you might be familiar with “Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet”. I watch this show because I love what they do and how they do it. Dr. Jeff has a staff of 30 but he has over 80,000 clients. They are amazing! Dr. Jeff provides affordable medical care for pets when owners are strapped for cash.

Affordable Medical Care for Pets

A trip to the vet is scary enough without having to worry about the cost. Image credit: JACLOU-DL

Affordable Medical Care For Pets – Is it Available?


Medical care for pets is just as expensive as our medical care. The one thing that many people forget to consider when getting a pet is the cost of medical care. An annual visit to the vet, vaccinations, heartworm medications, among other maintenance medications tend to add up. Adding in the expense of food, a household can spend up to $1200 per year on one animal. I spend at least $2500.00 on my two dogs in one year.

There seems to be a large percentage of veterinary clinics that are in business to make money first, and help animals second. Vaccinations alone cost almost $100 per visit, some places charge more. I still think we over-vaccinate our pets, but veterinarians fight the anti-over-vaccination movement because a lot of their revenue comes from vaccinations.

This doesn’t include emergencies. My greyhound mix had a UTI and was passing blood. Unfortunately, the vet’s office was closed so I ended up going to the Vet ER. Thankfully I had the money set aside for an expense like this but what about people who don’t?

affordable medical care for pets

Many veterinarians will charge thousands of dollars for an operation that can be obtained elsewhere for hundreds. Image credit: skeeze


Enter Dr. Jeff at Planned Pethood Plus. He believes that People should have access to affordable medical care for pets. Dr. Jeff has set an example that other veterinary practices across the United States and the world need to follow. Planned Pethood Plus does procedures for a fraction of what many veterinary offices charge. Dr. Jeff believes that people shouldn’t have to go into debt to pay for their pet’s medical care.

Dr. Jeff’s staff of dedicated doctors and vet techs work long hours to help people and save animals. Some of the people that bring their pets to Planned Pethood Plus come from several states away. The story is always the same, the pet is hurt and they take it to a vet or a local ER. The cost of care for the pet is astronomical. Many people just can’t afford to pay those large sums and they don’t want to be forced to euthanize their pet. So many take a road trip to Colorado to see Dr. Jeff.

One of his staff members, Dr. Jeff Baier, has experience treating all kinds of animals. He once worked at a New York zoo and his experience with a huge variety of animals is an asset to Planned Pethood Plus. I’ve seen people bring in everything from pigs and possums, and varieties of reptiles and birds to Dr. Jeff Baier. He seems to always come up with a solution to a problem.

affordable medical care for pets

We should all have access to affordable medical care for our pets.


Most of us do not have a “Dr. Jeff” in our area so what do we do to obtain affordable medical care for pets. The Humane Society of the United States has a list of organizations that can help with veterinary expenses.  This list is online and also available by state.

The Humane Society of the United States also suggests:

Working with your vet to make payments on your bill.

Go to another vet and get a second opinion.

Seek out a vet in a less expensive area.

Find a local veterinary school that may have discount services.

affordable medical care for pets

A sick pet is like a sick child. We just want them to feel better. Image credit: artbycharlotte

Everyone should have the opportunity to have pets and have access to affordable medical care for pets. I think one reason there are so many homeless animals is that many people can’t afford to keep them. If veterinary services were reasonable, it is likely that more pets would have homes.


  1. I have not watched this show but you better believe I am going to now! I always tell people to please consider the cost of owning a pet. Animals deserve good vet care and to be honest I struggle with this myself sometimes! I ADORE my pets! They are family so a good portion of my income goes to be sure they are healthy. Good food, vet care you name it. I agree however we do tend to over vaccinating. Thanks for this helpful info!

    • You’re welcome, Joely. I remember in one episode there was a family from Kansas City that drove to Colorado with their dog. The dog needed surgery and in KC it was going to cost thousands. Dr. Jeff took care of the dog for a few hundred dollars.

  2. I don’t have any pets, but I have some close friends that do. It’s a very costly expense, but it’s definitely worth for them. Their pets are just like one of their kids and they make sure that the take care of their pets as well as possible.

    • Our pets are our kids. I don’t even blink when I spend money on them. However I know there are people out there that struggle and when a huge expense comes up for a pet, they are faced with a terrible decision.

  3. We don’t have pets, but when I’ve heard my friends talk about their expensive vet bills it makes me wonder.
    Shouldn’t there be a program where you can pay into vet services like you can with insurance for individuals? (My kids LOVE those vet shows – they keep begging for pets of every kind.)

    • There is pet insurance but like our insurance, it’s a gamble. The money you pay into insurance could just as well be tucked away in an emergency account. I’ve had six dogs since I was 27 years old. Of those six only two had to have extensive medical care.

  4. I like the tips that that the Humane Society offered. I think it is a good idea to look around your area. For instance it would be more expensive in my closed cities, but probably just 20 minutes away would be a significant difference!

  5. I was unaware that The Humane Society helped find pet owners affordable healthcare. I don’t know what I’d do if my pet needed a costly procedure. I’m off to check out Oklahoma’s offerings.

    • I’m sorry you didn’t know about Dr. Jeff Young. I’ve been in that situation too. We spent over $3000 on our Border collie, Buffy for her knee surgery and I spent $2000 on Joy last year at MU Vet Hospital for evaluation of her cancer.

  6. It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly expensive pet health care is! i know a few places where I live that provide cheaper prices, but as a while, its still ridiculous how much it costs to care for your pet!

  7. Finding the best care for your fury friend is so important. I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it would feel to come across a situation where money would be an issue. I would pay any price to keep them healthy!

  8. You may be right when it comes to veternary services. The hard part is that these animals become part of the family, so we cannot envision not paying for the services. So when you cannot afford them, it’s not like a hospital emergency room that is required to take care of you, payment or not.

    • Yes, the animal ER in our area informs you upfront that the basic charge is $150. I know, I’ve been there too many times. I’m thankful I have funds put back for my “kids” but I feel for those who don’t.

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